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Power equipment must be monitored

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Power equipment must be monitored

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It is necessary to detect the power equipment to ensure its smooth operation, which has a key practical significance for the reliability and safety factor of power supply system operation. With the rapid development and improvement of online monitoring technology, and its successful application in China's power supply system in recent years, condition based maintenance has been accepted and recognized by the power supply system instead of on-time maintenance, which has become the general trend of equipment maintenance.

For a long time, the power supply system in our country has implemented the rules and regulations of on-time maintenance of power equipment, that is, according to the time cycle time of the scheme, the equipment inspection and maintenance, and the low-voltage series reactor has the disadvantages of too much maintenance and insufficient maintenance. With the new transformation of the disadvantages of power equipment, the online monitoring of partial discharge, chromatographic analysis and SF6 vapor quality has just begun to increase. The state grid enterprise clearly points out that it is necessary to comprehensively implement the equipment condition maintenance from 2010, comprehensively improve the level of equipment intelligent system, apply and promote intelligent equipment and technology, and maintain the free online early warning information of power grid security and equipment intelligent system monitor.

The on-line monitoring technicality of power equipment refers to the precise measurement and detection system and technicality that can record and analyze the characteristic quantity of equipment operation state immediately and qualitatively. Online monitoring system software is generally composed of excellent sensor technology, electronic computer and information resource management technology, communication system, authoritative expert data analysis system and relatively complete system software data and information database.

Take the software of the key on-line monitoring system of the primary equipment in the distribution station as an example, there will be: on-line monitoring of the capacity of the capacitor equipment and the dielectric loss of the cylindrical capacitor; on-line monitoring of the total electric flow and the resistive current of the zinc oxide hydroxide arrester; on-line monitoring of the transformer oil chromatography analysis, on-line monitoring of the optical fiber temperature measurement, on-line monitoring of the ultra-high frequency partial discharge Monitoring, local discharge of waterproof casing, on-line monitoring of dielectric loss, on-line monitoring of dynamic characteristics of on load power switch; on-line monitoring of GIS ultra-high frequency local discharge, on-line monitoring of micro water; on-line monitoring of characteristics of power switch mechanical equipment, on-line monitoring of optical fiber temperature of high-voltage switch cabinet, on-line monitoring of relative density of SF6 vapor, etc.

The project investment value of the online monitoring industry of power equipment is prominent, and the high demand of the middle and lower reaches of online monitoring commodities can be maintained. First, the development strategy of condition based maintenance and infrastructure intelligent power grid for power grid enterprises clearly indicates that the grid credibility regulations are more stringent, and online monitoring commodities have become an essential key component of it; second, in addition to increasing the requirements of distribution stations, a part of the total renovation has greater indoor space; third, online monitoring commodities have from single commodity detection to comprehensive distribution stations The development trend of detection system. In addition, with the improvement of power equipment and the shortage of route staff, the power grid must rely on online monitoring goods to improve management ability.

According to the state grid enterprise bidding meeting, the key market of online monitoring products at this stage is the transformer stage of smart grid. In the report of the overall planning of the smart grid, the State Grid Corporation of China has also taken the basic construction of the distribution station status detection system as the key content of the smart substation. According to the condition detection module, the intelligent substation maintains the on-line monitoring of key equipment and key parameters, such as insulating oil chromatographic analysis, partial discharge of household appliances, full current of zinc oxide arrester, etc., so as to provide data support points for power grid equipment management methods. The content of real-time status information can be resolved according to the data management system to make basic management decisions and maintain the self diagnosis function of intelligent equipment within the website.

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