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What is intelligent capacitor module

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What is intelligent capacitor module

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Intelligent capacitor module is a new generation of reactive power compensation modular device, which is applied to green grid in combination with the spirit of green smart grid. Based on microelectronics technology, the product integrates advanced technologies such as automatic measurement and control, reactive power optimization, zero crossing switching, multiple protection, network communication, large screen display, etc., realizes all functions of low-voltage reactive power compensation, and changes different combinations to construct different compensation schemes. It is an intelligent, modular, standardized and intensive reactive power compensation device.

What is the intelligent capacitor module can be divided into three-phase triangle, star connection and hybrid form according to the market and user's demand. It can be one or more combinations to form a compensation system. It can easily realize the local, decentralized and centralized automatic compensation function, and can also meet the requirements of mixed compensation in case of three-phase imbalance. This product can change the heavy structure of the traditional reactive power compensation device, so that the new generation of low-voltage reactive power compensation device has the characteristics of good compensation effect, small size, low power consumption, strong flexibility and so on. It is easy to use, close to the load, easy to maintain, and can meet the higher requirements of modern power grid for reactive compensation.

The main performance of intelligent integrated power capacitor compensation device is as follows:

Control center: adopt high-precision anti-interference CPU processor to ensure normal operation under strong electromagnetic interference environment. It can realize the best switch compensation and split phase compensation, solve the problem of unbalanced three-phase load and large single-phase reactive power shortage, and finally achieve the best compensation mode.

Zero crossing switch: combined with advanced zero crossing detection and drive technology, zero voltage difference input and zero current switch of capacitor are realized. Effective control of surge can achieve no surge, no over-voltage, no arc, low power consumption, so that the switching life of modules and capacitors can reach more than 1.3 million times of normal operation.

Protection function: realize power failure, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, undercurrent, voltage loss, phase loss, harmonic, temperature, short circuit and other protection functions. If the setting value is exceeded, the module exits. Effectively control the use of protection equipment.

Human machine interface: LCD display, which can display distribution voltage, current, power factor, working current of capacitor, voltage, temperature, self check fault code and other parameters.

Communication function: each module communicates with each other through RS-485 bus, forming system work. Self checking host guides the whole system. When the host is damaged, other units can be reused to generate new host work.

Expansion and clustering: in terms of module volume, the communication connection mode is simple, and the number of capacitor modules increases with the increase of user power load.

Capacitor: adopt metallized film capacitor. The filling medium is oil wax mixture (half dry) or air filled epoxy resin (pure dry).

Short circuit capacity: comprehensive type adopts high breaking section capacity (> 10kA) or fast fuse; terminal type adopts high molded case circuit breaker breaking capacity (> 35ka) or fast fuse. It can effectively protect the instantaneous voltage and current caused by excessive damage


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