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The effect of electrolytic capacitor

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The effect of electrolytic capacitor

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The function of electrolytic capacitor is to filter out the high-frequency data signal in the current, but even the high-frequency data signal, its frequency is also divided into many orders. Therefore, in order to be suitable for application at different frequencies, electrolytic capacitors are also divided into high-frequency capacitors and high-frequency capacitors (where high-frequency is relatively speaking).

The effect of electrolytic capacitor电解电容的功效

The high frequency filter capacitor is suitable for the electric filter or the filter after the transformer rectifier, and its working frequency and voltage are the same as 50Hz; while the key work of the high frequency filter capacitor is the filter after the power transformer rectifier, its working frequency is thousands of Hz to more than 100000 Hz. When you use the high frequency filter capacitor in the high frequency power supply circuit, because the high frequency characteristic of the high frequency filter capacitor is not very good, its internal resistance is large when the high frequency battery is charged, and the equivalent inductor is high. Therefore, a large amount of heat will be generated in the application due to the frequent electrode of electrolyte. The higher temperature will vaporize the electrolyte inside the capacitor, increase the working pressure inside the capacitor, and finally cause the capacitor to pack up and crack.

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